ask: frank scali – dissector / artist / researcher / inventor / physician

my favorite _____ is:

villain: those who believe humans have the answers to anything. in reality, we have been wrong about everything thus far.

hero/ superhero:  overlooked underdogs who learn via unbiased observation, are not burdened by money, and are a deep source of imagination. you know … children.

book: the brain that changes itself, norman doidge

smell: summer rain and cocoa butter.

band/musician/composer: thomas newman, god is an astronaut, russian circles, this will destroy you, pretty lights, caspian.

-drink/ cocktail: sambuca

-advice: everyone should donate their bodies to science so that they can be a source of something interesting at least once.

-pick-up line: I know your girl parts better than you do.

-vice: networking websites.

-woman (of all time): mom – taught me patience.

-man (of all time): dad – taught me work ethic.

-hobby: discovering beauty beyond skin through different mediums.

-prized possession: even though intangible, my mind. it is the only thing I truly own… everything else I leave behind when I die so they aren’t true possessions now are they?

-way to go (die): reflecting on life and being able to raise the final thought, “that was awesome”.