john lennon: erotic

one of my favorite purchases from street book tables. from the march 1970 issue of avant garde, these are ‘john lennon’s erotic lithographs’. beautiful. by kl

art + fashion

it’s not a new observation that the realms of fine art and fashion have been bleeding into one another for quite some time. fashion has more obviously been attracted to the random creativity and legitimacy of visual artists.

and fashion has been bleeding into the realm of fine art in more than visual sensibility, we have ….., and have now big-banged together at the recent met gala for the opening of the fashion based “superheros fashion and fantasy” show. there are times when either side creates an appropriate union but all in all they are definitely cousins visiting on the weekend, and not husband and wife.

jean nouvel in advertising campaign for poltrona frau

GAP artist edition t-shirts – featuring barbara kruger, jeff koons and marilyn minter

tobias wong

originally from vancouver, canada, tobias wong creates in new york. after studying art and architecture, he graduated in sculpture from the cooper union. wong treats design as a medium rather than a discipline to show how it embraces the aesthetics traditionally relegated to the fine arts. he’s coined the term “paraconceptual” to describe his dismantling of the hierarchies between “art” and “design.” in wong’s hands, both have similar goals.

not merely conceptual, his work mocks its own consumption. wong literalized this message with a jenny holzer tattoo on his right forearm: “PROTECT ME FROM WHAT I WANT.” this maxim was written on wong’s flesh by holzer herself, then made permanent with injected ink. equally indelible are wong’s readydesigneds (replacing the anonymous readymade objects with well recognized designer pieces) refashioned. these new forms and aesthetic concepts brace against, appreciate, and invite desire. wong’s continuing exploration of this conundrum goes beyond the paraconceptual to projects he now refers to as “postinteresting”…

wine is curious and so are you

alcohol irony: the word alcohol is derived from the arabic language (al kohl or alkuhl). consider the fact that a large proportion of the arab population is forbidden from consuming alcohol. last but not least the oldest wine making apparatus was found in current day iran, gotta feel sorry for the poor sods now!

ancient corking: as early as 4000 bc, the egyptians were the first people to use corks as stoppers, but…
not so ancient cork screwing: the corkscrew was only invented in 1860. how the fuck they opened it until then still remains a mystery.

ancient wine: there is a 1600 year old bottle of wine on display in the speyer museum in germany. (remember this when you next take a trip to germany!)

champagne bubbles: according to scientist bill lembeck there are approximately 49 million bubbles in a bottle of champagne. we however counted only 22 million.

outrageous alcohol laws: in fairbanks, alaska, it’s illegal to feed a moose any alcohol beverage

wine & colour: although red wine can only be produced from red grapes, white wine can be produced from both red and white grapes.

shipwrecked: the wreck of the titanic, holds the oldest wine cellar in the world and despite the depth and wreckage, the bottles are still intact.

wine disaster: 30 million gallons of wine were lost in the 1906 san francisco earthquake. proof that god does not care for wine.