suicide: ghostrider

suicide ghostrider

…suicide’s lead singer vega, owed an obvious debt to elvis presley and rockabilly singers, but his muttering, shrieking, nervy delivery was unique, sounding… at once both fragile and threatening. on the rhythm dept, rev’s simple, keyboard riffs, initially played on a battered “farfisa organ” (that is before he acquired an actual synthesizer) were accompanied by primitive drum machines of the time. this proved to be an ideal backdrop for vega’s vocals, and guaranteed them to get “booed as soon as (they) came onstage”. their albums and performances in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s are regarded as some of the most influential post-punk recordings that helped form the shit we listen to yesterday and today. including but not limited to that boy band joy division, too bad poor ian took the groups name too seriously!