ARTISTS WHO SURF: robert longo

for those of us on the east coast, the last dregs of summer bring the big waves generated by hurricanes born in the south atlantic. the unrelenting shore break drags posh beachfront real estate and frolicking beach-goers right out to sea without prejudice. this is the best time of year for east coast surfers, it certainly is for me. but this summer, the biggest waves I’ve seen are on paper in robert longo’s studio. We’ve had shit for surf all summer because there haven’t been any hurricanes.

earlier in the summer i decided to do a video project that i’m calling “artists who surf.” it is the perfect no-brainer, a moderate amount of studio interview time and a whole lot of surf time. robert longo, bill komoski and michael halsband were my first choices among a growing list artist-surfers. the way I see it, a good art video is one with a little chat with an interesting artist and then a lot of wave action. don’t you agree? read more from artnet