ask: ucef hanjani-creative director ceft and company New york

My favorite _____ is:

book: the conformist-alberto moravia

steven brown & blaine reininger, one hundred years of music

– guitar:
a vintage gretsch white falcon

-prized possession:
a beautifully crafted mohogany and sandstone box by karl springer with galucha (stingray skin) lined interior… useless but lovely!

-city: no one particular city really

madeira, lagavulin

-smell: serge lutens’ chêne fragrance, and le labo’s oud27 fragrance

-film: memorias del subdesarrollo

(memories of underdevelopment) by tomás gutiérrez alea. (IMDB)

-restaurant: omen (japanese) in new york, versaille (cuban) in LA

-hero: now that’s rather childish!

-way to go:I’m a bit of a coward, so in my sleep i suppose.