krug the crown jewels of LVMH

a “négociant-manipulateur” with offices in reims (pronounced raaansss… better say it right or pierre will laugh you out the room) in champagne, FR —was one of the famous champagne houses who formed part of the membership of the grande marques. krug grande cuvée is one of the crown jewels in the LVMH wine division. in 2008 the brands’ global communication efforts were awarded to the small and ultra chic advertising and communications agency- ceft and company in new york. as a champagne, krug is distinctive and easily recognised by taste due to the house’s policy of complete barrel fermentation and very extended lees aging; on the nose, krug is identified by its strongly developed and aged nutty lees influence and autolytic notes on the nose, a certain oakiness, as well as a combination of disgorgement freshness and oxidative maturity. on the palate, krug wines commonly display a raciness resulting from suppression of the malolactic fermentation, and a richness both from lees and from barrel fermentation. it is one of the most obviously oaky of champagnes and is almost always invariably dry (less than 10g/l RS).