Ask: Moby-composer/musician

my favorite _____ is:

book: dune. i could pretend otherwise and pick something more highbrow, but i’m a sci-fi nerd and i’ve always been a sci-fi nerd and dune is the best of the sci-fi books i grew up with.

album: closer by joy division. this was my favorite record when i was 16 years old, and now i’m 42 and it’s still my favorite record.

city: los angeles. when i tell people that los angeles is my favorite city they usually pause and wait for me to explain that i’m kidding. but i’m not kidding. i know why people might not like l.a, but for me it’s the most interesting city on the planet.

film: inland empire by david lynch. i think i saw it 3 or 4 times when it was in theaters. it’s one of the most remarkable movies ever made.

restaurant (what city): franchia, nyc. franchia is a strange, vegan korean restaurant in midtown in nyc. it’s a terrible location for a vegan restaurant, and as a result it’s almost always empty. but the food is really good and i love empty restaurants.

hero: david lynch. i heard him speak recently about creativity and it reminded me that creativity is not a means to an end. too often our criteria for judging creative output is its commercial viability, but creativity in and of itself is pretty remarkable, regardless of whether it can be sold to a lot of people.