Ill Studio

some cool stuff from our colleagues at Ill Studio the members consists of Léonard Vernhet, Thomas Subreville, Nicolas Malinowsky, Thierry Audurand, Sébastien Michelini, Pierre Dixsaut, Harold Urcun, Artus de Lavilléon, David Luraschi and Fred Mortagne. by pr

Pattie Boyd in Ossie Clark

swingin’ sixties with liz taylor, ossie clark, john lennon, pattie boyd, richard burton, and george harrison. i wanted to say something funny but pp has banned that! so that’s it. by dd

magic mystery tour

Producer Lauren Wolff
art director Kim Norcott with pop socialite Mr. Paul Read

Anna and Graydon Carter with Ucef hanjani and Marguerite Ranjard
Photographer Thomas Lagrange

Ucef Hanjani with set designer from Mary Howard Studio
Pierre Jeand’heure with a Gaulois look alike
Art Director Kim Norcott

On the set with Marguerite Ranjard, Graydon Carter, Anna Carter, ceft and company creative director Ucef Hanjani, photographer Thomas Lagrange, art director Kim Norcott, art director Pierre Jeand’heur, producer Lauren Wolff, pop socialite Mr. Paul “too-cool-for-school” Read. by dd

The Flow Market

FLOWmarket is a shop designed to inspire consumers to think, live and consume more holistic. The core of FLOWmarket is the scarcity goods collection where present imbalances from the 3 FLOW dimensions (individual, collective and environmental flow) have been adressed and transformed into physical products. by pp

AKG K 701 Headphones

note the XLR plugs on this baby above!

AKG K 701 Headphones:

Mouth watering! The AKG K 701s are significantly more transparent sounding than any other headphone that I’ve tried, and they embody an amazing level of taste when it comes to modern headphone design. Obviously each of the major brands; Sennheiser, AKG, Beyerdynamic, Grado, and Ultrasone, all have their own “sound”, which in some way makes one want to own one of each. I do.

There are major differences between the Sennheiser HD650s (which I own) and the K 701s (which I just bought for $450), making each one better for a specific genre of music. The rock/alternative/metal crowd are unanimous in their preference of the Sennheiser ‘phones, no doubt influenced by their rich, extended bass response, while others are more taken by the AKG’s smoother tonal balance, and crystal clear midrange. What ever your taste these are worth a listen.

They are a five-star performer and worth a try for sure. by dd