Elmyr de Hory

ask me what i consider to be the ultimate art work of the past two centuries, and I have to say it’s “f is for fake” by orson welles. like all great art works, you have to know the life and history of the artist to understand his/her created language. and if you do, you can not stand un-baffled by the graceful emergence of topics in this fictional documentary. this man is perhaps the GOD who blessed godard as his apprentice and servant. amazing work. thanks to my ultimate idol and teacher mr. george porcari.  many years ago, i discovered this film and the twisted, fascinating, ironic story of elmyr de hory, howard hughes/citizen kane, picasso, amedeo modigliani, ibiza, and art in general all in one.  it stayed with me through the years, and seeing it again for the third time tonight just confirmed its genius. maybe some one else will appreciate it as much today as i did 18 years ago…. thank you george! by dd