ipod sounding like kak?

I’m seriously considering getting one of these wadia 170i transports. if you are sick of your ipod’s shit sound like me due to that 49¢ cent Chinese D/A converter inside, making the rest of your stereo equipment obsolete this “can” potentially be the answer for approximately $320. But here’s the dilemma. the biggest ipod you can get is still only 120gigs and rather pricey per gig when you think of it. which means, even with a 120gig ipod you still can not put all of your music in uncompressed state or by using apple’s lossless format. Sooloos is not an option either yet. the price ofc ourse, but also you have to be psychotic to deal with PC interface in this day and age. the other issue is what do you do with all the; massively compressed, 10th generation re-compressed, yet great tracks you got from your various rug rat friends! now you need to get those original CD’s and that’s a job and a half. I wish apple would allow a digital out from you mac for music to avoid it going through apples or ipods D/A converter, and you could just get a terabyte drive and be done. wadia made a deal with apple to go around the elaborate protection software and tap direct into the digital file avoiding the D/A conversion and this is the first time i understand they allowed that. Still no great answer. Just inferrior sound for now. Portable and potable. by dd