sugimoto 7 days / 7 nights

worth checking out the Sugimoto show at Gagosian. nothing new but still one of the best, some of the night shots are almost 100% black but you still want them so bad that you feel possessed…
the book, printed for the show, is great too. the design reflect the setting of the gallery, well done! by pp


photographs don’t do them justice but some lovely work from New York Based British artist Tom Bell. To get an idea of scale they span an approximate 6 feet. by zz

New York Times hoax issue!

Orson Wells would be proud: F is indeed for fake!

“We caught up with Steve Lambert, an artist who helped organize yesterday’s amazingly elaborate Fake New York Times prank, on the phone last night, as he was basking in the glow of a job well done. “Like all great ideas, it originated at a bar in Brooklyn,” he said of the project, in which 1.2 million copies of a utopian version of the paper, headlined “Iraq War Ends,” were distributed all across the city. “There were just a few people at the table, but we knew immediately the scale we wanted to work on, and that we’d have to tap on a lot of friends. It grew larger and larger.” The project, which was inspired by the candidates’ calls for change during the election, was financed by individual donors, took over a year to complete, he said, and involved thousands of people. Culture-jamming groups like the Yes Men, Code Pink, and Improv Everywhere claimed credit in a press release last night, but “they were just some of the more visible members of the group,” said Lambert. Many of the people who worked on it were individual media professionals, including Times staffers. “There were a few people from the Times — we can’t tell you who they are,” he said. “They’re respectable journalists.” If you missed getting a fake paper, you’ll have to settle with the Website; there probably won’t be a second edition anytime soon. But stay tuned. “We have other things planned,” said Lambert”–Mike Vilensky NY Times by dd

Hiroshi Sugimoto at gagosian gallery

“Naming things has something to do with human awareness, with the separation of the entire world from you. So with the Seascapes, I was thinking about the most ancient of human impressions. The time when man first named the world around him…
–Hiroshi Sugimoto

“7 Days / 7 Nights,” an exhibition of fourteen photographs from the Seascapes series by Hiroshi Sugimoto in an architectural setting of his own design. On exhibit through December 20 2008. Opening reception for the artist: Thursday, November 6th, from 6 to 8pm by dd

Steven Meisel Jigsaw puzzle!

Meisel has been reluctant to this day to publish his work in conventional print editions or books. But this special object will be a first: a signed, limited-edition jigsaw puzzle of an image from the amazing ‘Patterns’ story Meisel photographed for Italian Vogue. The 1000-piece puzzles are packaged in a custom box and are signed and numbered by Steven Himself. They have been produced in an edition of 1000 and are $750 each. A bargain considering the current times! by dd

Nike Considered Design: NYC event

With many thanks to Freshness mag

The Nike Considered Design launch event took place on Tuesday, October 28th at 7 World Trade Center where Nike’s CEO Mark Parker, and other senior level executives and designers spoke for a special preview of the Considered Design. It was exciting to witness the unveiling of the latest Nike Considered collection and to learn about Nike’s commitment to design innovation and the efforts to reduce waste, eliminate toxic substances and lessen our ecological footprint.

Nike announced on Tuesday that : “Nike has set public targets for its Considered goals: We aim to have 100 percent of Nike footwear meet baseline Considered standards by 2011, all apparel by 2015, and all equipment by 2020.”The event was at a modern space within the all new 7 World Trade Center, which fittingly, is also one of the few skyscraper to attain the prestigious LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification by U.S. Green Building Council.

True to its commitment, Nikes event designers/producers at ceft and company New York, used local and 100% recycled building products where possible. They created product display modules that were constructed out of recycle paper pulp, made from post-consumer paper, including curbside recycled newspapers, and reused cardboard containers along with recyclable cloth hangers used at dry cleaners across the country. They even arranged for an organic breakfast to be served to the guests with of course, ceramic reusable coffee mugs, along with optional paper cups that were made from biodegradable matter derived from corn.

The product line included material used from recycled plastic bottles, Nike grind, and organic cotton. The new “Nike Considered” products are made with more efficient design patterns that use less material and are easier to recycle, as well as adhesives made from water instead of toxic chemicals, and sustainable items like cork.

It is wonderful to see such a powerful brand like Nike take this initiative and show the rest how great things can be, without sacrificing one thing. To show the rest that smart thinking will lead to a better world and surprisingly better profit margin.


“It’s going to be a difficult next six months or so, I think, for everybody,” Mark parker said. “We tend to be a little more resistant. Not immune, but more resistant.”

“Nike shares closed nearly 13 percent higher Tuesday at $52.42 on the New York Stock Exchange.” Forbes

by zz

Zaha Hadid Chanel Pavilion in Central Park

Not sure what was more stunning on that crisp Friday the Zaha Hadid modular space ship Pavillion for Chanel or the Autumn leaves in Central Park NYC? Given that the tickets were sold out at 8:15 (damn those early-bird fashion victims) and I can’t get out of bed before 10:00 on such day off, I will have to say the the winner was hands down the Autumn leaves. Of course a retched camera can never capture the beauty of those colors the way they were in that sunlight but it will have to do for now. The lunch at the boat house was the natural alternative at that point and once again it did not fail me. A very civilized way to dine on a day like that.

by dd