Nike Considered Design: NYC event

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The Nike Considered Design launch event took place on Tuesday, October 28th at 7 World Trade Center where Nike’s CEO Mark Parker, and other senior level executives and designers spoke for a special preview of the Considered Design. It was exciting to witness the unveiling of the latest Nike Considered collection and to learn about Nike’s commitment to design innovation and the efforts to reduce waste, eliminate toxic substances and lessen our ecological footprint.

Nike announced on Tuesday that : “Nike has set public targets for its Considered goals: We aim to have 100 percent of Nike footwear meet baseline Considered standards by 2011, all apparel by 2015, and all equipment by 2020.”The event was at a modern space within the all new 7 World Trade Center, which fittingly, is also one of the few skyscraper to attain the prestigious LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification by U.S. Green Building Council.

True to its commitment, Nikes event designers/producers at ceft and company New York, used local and 100% recycled building products where possible. They created product display modules that were constructed out of recycle paper pulp, made from post-consumer paper, including curbside recycled newspapers, and reused cardboard containers along with recyclable cloth hangers used at dry cleaners across the country. They even arranged for an organic breakfast to be served to the guests with of course, ceramic reusable coffee mugs, along with optional paper cups that were made from biodegradable matter derived from corn.

The product line included material used from recycled plastic bottles, Nike grind, and organic cotton. The new “Nike Considered” products are made with more efficient design patterns that use less material and are easier to recycle, as well as adhesives made from water instead of toxic chemicals, and sustainable items like cork.

It is wonderful to see such a powerful brand like Nike take this initiative and show the rest how great things can be, without sacrificing one thing. To show the rest that smart thinking will lead to a better world and surprisingly better profit margin.


“It’s going to be a difficult next six months or so, I think, for everybody,” Mark parker said. “We tend to be a little more resistant. Not immune, but more resistant.”

“Nike shares closed nearly 13 percent higher Tuesday at $52.42 on the New York Stock Exchange.” Forbes

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