the genius of Terry Gilliam : Brazil!

must see film for any sci-fi lover. next to kubrick’s more serious and stylistic 2001: a space odyssey, this is by far my most favorite sci-fi film. the current situation in the world, especially under the past eight years, makes this film a more than ever, important must see. by dd

Afro lovin’

tactile and graphic designer heidi chisholm’s work is inspirational, colorful and full of love for her home continent, africa. beauty is subjective and sometimes, like in this design, bigger is definitely better! by kv

where are you stranger?

just heard that our native-godfather of grand words. mr. leonard cohen, is back, and after 15 years will perform at the beacon theater in new york city on february 19th, 2009. now of course as much as i love his words… and even his music, i simply can’t bare to attend any show that is anywhere larger than the old knitting factory. in a strange way it’s like being with 500 strangers, making love to what you felt was always just yours. it’s selfish i know, but great music is like that. that said i’m sure it will be amazing, so get those tickets before pp buys them all. by dd

just what we needed!

yep, louis vuitton has made a skateboard! for $8,250.00 you can get the limited edition (actually there’s only 3 of them!) and the proceeds are benefiting the free arts NYC program. it obviously comes in a classic brown louis vuitton suitcase, decorated with steven sprouse’s pink graffiti as part of the launch of vuitton’s sprouse inspired collection. you know, just in case you’re in to that sort of stuff… by kv

Andrew Richardson

Was checking andrew’s correct spelling on the web and saw this.

“This shot was part of a story we did with madonna. The guy in the mirror is Andrew Richardson, who was an assistant stylist. Another picture I took of him eventually ended up on the cover of Italian Vogue, but he was never really a model. I shot him from time to time, and I think he posed for me just for fun, or maybe to meet madonna! Next to him is Mars, a circus performer from Russia. He walked the tightrope.”- Steven Meisel

I cant confirm the facts and having worked with andrew a few times I simply cant see how this could be him, but maybe in younger days… if so he must have looked rather hot… as a boy or a girl. by zz

The perfect gift – le labo

le labo store on elizabeth street, new york city

each winter the task of gift hunting weighs upon us and we run around new york looking for that perfect gift. this last winter I met the frenchman, fabrice le labo, one of the founders of le labo fragrances. charming as you’d expect from a young frenchman, but also quite intellectually aware and a lovely candidate for a drink, at least in my book.

the shop on elizabeth street is unassuming, like most shops on my old street where I lived for 12 years before i moved to tribeca. but inside you’ll find a dashing selection of scents not only custom made but also bearing your very name. i had one of my dear clients from LVMH here from paris and guess what she asked for upon her arrival? to have her favorite scent picked up for her at le labo. our intern of course obliged. the reason? the only place le labo is available in paris is at the overplayed glam store colette. But now you can walk into their NY or Tokyo stores and get the full experience. for unfortunate uptowners there’s barneys but who shops there anymore? maybe mark borthowick ; ) by uh