things are getting kinky at mattel!

this maybe as cool as barbie gets. but its still barbie (except now at colette), and i’m not sure how i would feel about my girls playing with such loaded toys. loaded that is, with many things, including controversy from its inception back in 1956 as ruth handler the founder of mattel, discovered its protege (a voluptuous german doll, based on a tart heroine of a tabloid comic strip named bild-lilli) in the streets of lucerne-switzerland. i mean buying a barbie these days must be like handing an M16 to your son… which is probably a normal act if you are hunter thompson or happen to live in either one of the two larger US states: texas or kabul.

now for the record barbies design was perhaps more of a little boys dream (or more accurately a demented adult by the name of jack ryan-who held the patents on the doll and its design) rather than a girls dream… I should know since i acquired one at the “innocent” age of 6 after my 2 sisters abandoned theirs and left for boarding school in england. I wasted no time in discarding all of her unnecessary clothes (they weren’t karl’s back then) and spend months studying its anatomy. it was a puzzling experience as i have yet to meet anyone, outside of an LA hospital, that remotely resembles her.

tomorrow started advice: skip the barbie and buy a chinchilla pet. long story but another one of my childhood ordeals ; ) by bb

Dom perignon – karl Lagerfeld

I have been saying this since its launch but might as well put some digital ink to it now. This was perhaps the worst advert ever. what makes it so bad, is not just what it is, because there are more horrific work out there, but that it’s for an amazing product with a great history and lineage, and created by a man who is actually one of fashion worlds smarter men (I know that is not saying much, but without bias he is an interesting man). what could be more cliche and mindless advert than a naked girl in a tub with a bottle of champagne? I suppose a naked girl and an over-sized “magnum” bottle of champagne. for good measures the flower pot in the back tops it all off… and if anyone ever figures out how they poured that glass of champagne please do let us know as the bottle is still corked! It’s really sad to see such a great brand succumb to such pandering, and then run-with-it, just because Lagerfeld did it! I wear his suits and I wish he would just stick to that and give up his dabbling. I mean if an intern had come up with that idea he would have been fired let alone Karl. by dd

best artist of the decade

we were talking today about the best artist of the past decade… or hell the past 25 years, and we had a hard time coming up with anything. between brittany, sean-puff-combs-diddy-john-king (love it when people acquire so many names, like they really deserve more than one), timberlake, and the like we had a very tough time selecting a worthy loser. goldfrapp, radiohead, gonzales, and stangold came to mind but none got the necessary votes. we settles on cat power. a) she only needs one name and a short one at that, b) last name rocks, c) her music has vigor. we haven’t settled on her 100% but shes right up there. by cc

Tom, where did you get your inspiration from?

tom ford campaign visual for tom ford
dolce & gabanna visual with shannon click by steven klein

on the post about Tom ford below, every shot seems to be inspired from another, not that it’s a problem, but i was not expecting him to be such a borrower… (you can find the “uncovered” version of steven klein shot on his site but its not really worth it). by pp’

Tom ford goes public

so many brands are about… aaaah sex! at least tom doesn’t apologize for it. I have to give him that. when i first saw the tom ford ads for his first fragrance I thought to myself, it must have been such a release for tom to finally do whatever he wanted after so many years of pandering to gucci’s prudent conservative values of preservation and mindful spending! ever since the vatican took major control of gucci group in 2001, placing archbishop timothy dolan as co-creative director, the company began to expand on its ongoing message of chastity and self preservation. but deep inside, tom knew his calling. he left and the rest is history. I for one am rather anxious to see what tom’s next campaign will be like… perhaps he will dodge the next chapter and finally get to the point. I mean what is the purpose of all these women in these ads after all? maybe he still has a few share holders pulling on the… what do you call that, a string? by dd

New york: latest hotel/inn

finally an old world feel of a charming inn in the city that is rather sick of modern (i mean cheap) pads. eric goode the man behind clubs like the old b-bar, and his partner sean macpherson the creator of maritime and the disneyland of a hotel called “the bowery hotel” have opened a 15-room inn by the name of lafayette house. the hotel/inn is charming but unfortunately lacking the extra details one would want for this price. expect little service, i.e. forget room service, concierge, and the like, after all its an inn not a hotel, but the basics are there; complimentary internet, plush towels, 500 count linens, large rooms, and ofcourse what every new york pad needs, a fireplace in every room. located in NoHo, between lafayette and bowery on 38 east 4th street, the rooms boost no great views but they contain a nice mix of old (including nicely done bathrooms, lovely antiques and even stationery printed to look aged around the edges! that’s a bit lame ok!) as well as new amenities (flatscreen, iPod-ready clock radio and condoms — 3 for $15). the five-story row-house has no elevator (not even a super dwarf sized one like those in paris), but a porter will be available to carry luggage if you happen to arrive during his work hours 8-8. rates for a standard room start at $375 a night which is rather steep given the lack of service but a nice deviation from the usual balazs’ plastic shoe box. a classic new york find: partially perfect / slightly over priced. by dd

Velcro Blazer Lux

just picked up a pair while in paris on rue auguste barbier 75011 at the super cool and modern nike headquarters. love them so far! and they work perfectly with my APC’s.

blazer lux was issued following the recently released court force hi lux, you can spot it by a few distinct details: circular logo on back, the velcro of course, basic color shifts in white (also avail in red and black) and constructed with super soft premium leather. the velcro blazer lux launched at selects stores on January 17th, 2009. by dd


you must check out the piero manzoni retrospective at gagosian gallery. it is up until march 21st… no excuses. by kl