Dom perignon – karl Lagerfeld

I have been saying this since its launch but might as well put some digital ink to it now. This was perhaps the worst advert ever. what makes it so bad, is not just what it is, because there are more horrific work out there, but that it’s for an amazing product with a great history and lineage, and created by a man who is actually one of fashion worlds smarter men (I know that is not saying much, but without bias he is an interesting man). what could be more cliche and mindless advert than a naked girl in a tub with a bottle of champagne? I suppose a naked girl and an over-sized “magnum” bottle of champagne. for good measures the flower pot in the back tops it all off… and if anyone ever figures out how they poured that glass of champagne please do let us know as the bottle is still corked! It’s really sad to see such a great brand succumb to such pandering, and then run-with-it, just because Lagerfeld did it! I wear his suits and I wish he would just stick to that and give up his dabbling. I mean if an intern had come up with that idea he would have been fired let alone Karl. by dd