Tom ford goes public

so many brands are about… aaaah sex! at least tom doesn’t apologize for it. I have to give him that. when i first saw the tom ford ads for his first fragrance I thought to myself, it must have been such a release for tom to finally do whatever he wanted after so many years of pandering to gucci’s prudent conservative values of preservation and mindful spending! ever since the vatican took major control of gucci group in 2001, placing archbishop timothy dolan as co-creative director, the company began to expand on its ongoing message of chastity and self preservation. but deep inside, tom knew his calling. he left and the rest is history. I for one am rather anxious to see what tom’s next campaign will be like… perhaps he will dodge the next chapter and finally get to the point. I mean what is the purpose of all these women in these ads after all? maybe he still has a few share holders pulling on the… what do you call that, a string? by dd