Rouge Tomate: it’s actually green!

went to rouge tomate (10 east 60th) last night and was impressed with the concept but not the atmosphere… sadly so empty!
“… a harmonious alignment of balanced cuisine, well-being, and social and environmental consciousness. this nutritional approach demonstrates a genuine respect for the integrity of ingredients used in crafting balanced, healthful and flavorful dishes.the rouge tomate lifestyle supports sustainable elements and business practices while offering an optimal balance of nutritional dishes and S.P.E.® compliant menus without sacrificing flavor, sophistication or a fun dining experience” .… you should go!

S.P.E.®, which stands for Sanitas Per Escam (Health Through Food), is a nutritional charter developed by chefs and dieticians.S.P.E.® is an innovative approach toward nutrition, transcending the idea of balanced eating to offer optimal nutrition that maintains, protects and strengthens the body.

in order to offer optimal nutrition, the S.P.E.® approach revolves around three key elements:

sourcing: selecting ingredients seasonally, locally, and with a focus on nutritional characteristics.

preparation: using specific cooking techniques that preserve the integrity and nutritional qualities of the ingredients.

enhancement: optimizing nutritional value by the synergy of product combination and menu diversity.

by kl