WHAt the hell is SUBBUTEO?

recently issued commemorate sterling silver figures.

original team in box… note: goalie in green and blk. this box is even more vintage than i remember!!

the subutteo beatnicks on any given london corner back in the days.
o.k., I was sure nobody would know about this, but I was amazed to find it had such a following in the US! theres even an american subutteo asociation? they even have a listing of their 2008 national champions!! I must admit I grew up on this vintage game, and I loved it’s simple genius approach. as a 4th grader I had every team imaginable, from arsenal to brazil. I would beg my sisters to bring me new stuff every summer when they returned from boarding school in britain. I got the stadium and the crowds one summer, the stadium lights, various teams and the referees on another, the kicker and eventually the whole thing. while my friends played video game pong I chose to flick to kick! o.k… getting all teary eyed here… now in case you are laughing by now, hear this: “after 60 years since first release subbuteo is the probably world’s biggest selling football game. yes that’s right, not Fifa or Pro Evo nor the classic Sensible Soccer; it’s subbuteo that blows them all away. now fair enough up until now subbuteo has always been a board game of sort’s but it was only a matter of time it made its way onto our screensread more.” by dd