1963 lincoln continental: suicide doors

what happened to american cars? let’s take the continental, they used to glide about, moving the kennedy’s around… now they have turned into some plastic junker, hauling budget passengers to the JFK airport? no wonder they’re all going bankrupt! to make things worse, they came up with the brilliant idea to launch guzzlers like the hummer when the world was… how can i say… warming up to global warming. now of course they have a ‘green version’ – right! no matter what you run it on; be it battery, gas or arugula, to move over six tons of weight (that’s the small H3) you will be polluting. boeing is another one in the crossfire… it better shape up, airbus the frowned upon “french/german/british socialist machine” is turning out to be the real gang of creative cowboys.  that is, despite their tailored suits. read the latest vanity fair article about the airbus that landed in the hudson river and its praise for its engineering and design. america needs to spend money on education and ideas, or it will lose all its past prestige for good. by dd