AMan resort in tahiti

over-the-water bungalow
the smoke you see is created in the early afternoon, just before dinner, to deter the nonos
bike ride into the green – that was amazing!
the underworld of bora bora, i wanted to stay there forever
walking at the bottom of the sea in bora bora

a wonderful place to stay in tahiti. hotel bora bora, as the name suggests, is on the southern edge of the bora bora island and although it is not as stunning and perfect as some of the other amans i have seen it did the job. the hotel was taken over by the aman resorts in the last decade and right now is being revamped to near perfection. a private boat with cold towels and cucumber water will pick you up at the airport and docks you right into your over-the-water bungalow with a wood & glass table that peers right into the water and its colorful fish as you ink your many letters. the scuba diving is not as great as in rangiroa, where we went, an island that is only a “few NY blocks away” but generally the water in tahiti is so clear that almost anywhere is above average. one seemingly ridiculous but rather out-of-this-world experience was walking at the bottom of the sea. i felt like tintin strolling the sea along with captain haddok, except with a captain that was much lovelier! just be careful of the ‘nonos’ the little tiny mosquitoes that seem to never leave tahiti. experience rating: 8 out-of 10 but we are tough. by dd