boxers or briefs?

yes – so yet again, there is a discussion heating up over here as to what should a man wear? loose or tight, boxers or briefs? feel free to share your opinion. one thing we do agree on, keep it solid, gents! no funny prints! by kv

1-tighty whiteys:
kv: charming
dd: actually why not. classic, safe bet but won’t rock the bedroom.
kl: not a fan
pp: you better be fit, tanned and brazilian… otherwise…

2- the sling shot:
kv: no way!
dd: needs to be spanked! hard! and sent back home to jersey.
kl: hot
pp: are you kidding??? ;-(

3- loose boxers
kv: exactly, just for sleeping
dd: aaaaall over the place… like walking into your grandpas bedroom at 10 am
kl: cute for making breakfast in
pp: my all time favs!

4- night club rags:
kv: if beckham wears it… don’t wear it!
dd: staten island special… oop-chik, oop-chik
kl: no words
pp: is the banana included in the price or is that an aftermarket purchase?

5- fitted boxers:
kv: yes that is about right
dd: i guess… but won’t work with tight pants. a bitch under APCs.
kl: perfecto
pp: i’m so over that! remind me of when i was 14… trying to be cool

6-seamless boxers:
kv: unless you have something to hide
dd: seamless matte HM 100% cotton will do the trick.
kl: perfecto moondo
pp: girdle style!

7: fogettaboutits:
kv: right on, free style
dd: hmm… the jim morrison special!
kl: commando can be a nice secret for the day
pp: the winter version of my fav!

kv: speedo’s are for eurotrash, the rest can survive somewhere, somehow. my vote: 1 and 5
dd: it’s a tough one. no perfect 10’s here. pending on weather, fabric, and the previous nights event somewhere between 1, 6, and 7 will have to do.
kl: men’s underwear looks better on a woman.
pp: well it’s already stated by me, loose boxers are the answer!