bunny jarvis

a friend of mine told me this story over the week-end about jarvis cocker whom she has known for a long time. i’ll try to tell the story as she told me: she used to see jarvis in various parties and such, and at all times jarvis was handling a bottle of krug champagne and a carrot. so at some point my friend asked about the carrot, and jarvis told her that before his claim to fame, he had never had any champagne, deep in england where he comes from beer was the only choice. the first time he had champagne, he though that it was ok but it left him with a rather foul breath, so he went back to drinking beer. then it turned out, that one day he discovered krug, which he liked very much. so the story goes, he decided that he would carry a carrot in his pocket whenever he went out and after every sip of champagne, to balance the acidity, he would take a bite off the carrot to keep his fresh breath! hope my friend’s story is accurate, i love it too much to be disappointed. by pp’