the lady noir affair: by director olivier dahan for christian dior

o.k. we don’t usually write about this stuff but this mini film series for lady dior is one to be noted. first of all, the opening set is rather amazing. i can’t think of one thing i would like to see differently there. the nouveau/deco style of the sets brings back images of locations from il conformista by bernardo bertolucci which has always been a favorite film of mine. the director, olivier dahan, who worked on the edith piaf film is obviously a good choice in the sea of other mediocre directors. the decisions made here are undoubtedly by maestro galliano himself and mme. natacha dzikowski who is the uber-talented and chic international director of marketing at dior. her signature work on the early launch of lancome is another staple of her genius which deteriorated upon her departure from the brand. overall it’s a great venue to communicate to an audience without boring us all with the usual advertising spots and vacant images of fashion. on a critical side the film itself felt a bit long, and the images of the hands tied in the back seemed to reoccur as fillers more than anything. one other criticism is why the eiffel tower? I think we’ve all seen enough of that in french brands. built in 1889 the tower and its graceful lines fits comfortably into the art nouveau settings of the film but dior could surely manage to be a bit more bold and surprising than that. see the film here and keep an eye on the sequels to come. by uh