not so hot: The sartorialist

the sartorialist was a blog we all liked. many of our friends have been featured on it and it was a good effort on collecting street styles in the footsteps of time-out, and other numerous publications before it. what set it apart was that people got to comment, positively and negatively. but have you ever noticed that most, if not all, of the recent comments posted on the blog are love letters filled with positive feed back? such as “H.O.T”, “I love this guy he’s so chic”, “oh my god, her shirt is to die for, I want it”, “what a cool looking dude” and so on… I mean who’s looking at this blog anymore? if not scott shuman and his pals then a bunch of admirers from milwaukee? normal people have opinions, good and bad. I personally have commented in the past on the blog and usually a mix of positive and negative. I never checked back to see but I started noticing that whenever i submitted the slightest of negative comments, it magically disappeared in to the ether, never to be posted! at first i thought that scott schuman, the 3 foot tall founder of sartorialist, may have been too busy tying his bow tie to see the submission but upon my return I noticed many other positive posts had been blessed by the newly fascist regime. we hope democracy can be restored to the fashion world and if not, may we suggest changing the name from the sartorialist to the more-appropriate “sorryasslist” until you post our latest submission regarding your prada post, we’re positive you can dig it up under tomorrow started. we will be happy to withdraw our accusations at that point. Radio Rebelde. by fc