Ask: Fabrice Penot- perfumer/sorcerer- Le labo

my favorite _____ is:
-book: “the trouble of being born” by cioran… which impacted my life as much as “finding nemo” did for zoe, my daughter, when she discovered it last week.
-album: bach, goldberg variations ( glenn gould)
-city: man, NEW YORK CITY… in 1985. at least my idea of it.
-place: my head on jennifer’s belly
-film: once upon a time in america…
-restaurant: real food daily, santa monica…
-hero: in history? diogenes. right now? the iranian people
-smell: pure birchwood… smells like my grandfather’s garage
-artist: banksy… come on, beyond the hype around him, this guy is fucking brilliant
-hotel: ACE hotel in nyc
-peculiarity: ADD. i can’t concentrate more than 6 seconds on 1 single subject at a time… sorry, what was the question again?
-hobby: doing nothing…
-indulgence: spending more time focusing on my hobby
-moment in history: zoe’s birth! ( my daughter)
-prized possession: my super 8 camera
-vacation: big sur
-drink: coconnut water
-way to go: i want to die loved, broke, anosmic, in free fall, with a smile on my face…