the other night i was given a bottle of hakkin sake, designed by kenya hara, and i’m very excited about finally tasting it. this sake, available for approx 10,500 yen (equal to roughly 120USD), is currently unavailable in the US and it is made the traditional way which is seldom the case these days.

hakkin is brewed the traditional way in wooden oke barrels, a labor-intensive process brought back at masuichi after a half century absence. hakkin is a historic sake which ranked highly in the all japan sake rankings at the start of the meiji period becoming an icon of a name.

specs: rice / kinmon nishiki
polishing rate / 59%
density / +10
alcohol / 16.4%
storage / keep in a dark place at 18 or below and serve within one month.
750ml, 1800ml

the best way to keep the HAKKIN SAKE is refrigerated. expiration date is 1 to 2 month after the manufacturing date. the manufacturing date is printed on the label. but after 1-2month the hakkin sake will only deteriorate in flavor. it will still be drinkable. by dd