SAV – birch sap sparkeling wine

aparently swedes started making sparkling wine from birch sap in 1785. it wasn’t until recently, whilst indexing a unique archive containing 300 years worth of reports, essays and articles, that environmental engineer peter mosten stumbled across this ancient recipe. curiosity got the better of him, and after a decade of experimentation Morsten finally achieved his labour of love, Sav™ sparkling elixir. Sav™’s content of natural sugars, calcium, phosphor, magnesium, manganese, zinc and iron mean that drinking, in theory, could be a relatively healthy experience.

Sav™ should be served well chilled.
when the inland ice drew back from jämtland 9,000 years ago, the birch was the first tree to reach for the skies again. when humans came to the region, the birch was the first tree they noticed. the white, innocent colour of its bark (though streaked with black, a bit like life itself), led to the birch being dedicated to the goddess frigga (or venus to those who came from more southern parts), and thus symbolised purity and femininity. children’s cradles were made of birch in order to mark a new beginning. the trees were tapped of sap, which was drunk to greet the spring.

i’m very curious, and although Sav is not available in the US, it can be ordered here. by kl