sparklehorse & dangerous mouse genius blank cd

after radiohead giving away its album for any donation, the greatest move against the musical industry comes from sparklehorse (mark linkous) and nyc producer dangermouse. after recording “dark night of the soul” (featuring david lynch, iggy pop, suzanne vega, julian casablancas from the strokes, wayne coyne from the flaming lips…) EMI decided that they wouldn’t release the record as they’re still pissed off at danger mouse for the grey album that he gave away for free download on his website. the grey album was a record that mixed the beatles’ white album with jay-z’s black album (jay-z’s label was ok, EMI representing the beatles was not). whatever, sparklehorse are selling a blank cd in a book designed by david lynch, and you can download for free the music on their website to burn it on your blank cd! just great! by pp’