berlin bunker, boros collection

Pierre bergé was saying about the collection he put together with the late YSL that it is itself a piece of art, pending on what you buy, what you don’t and what you do with it. so we can say that german collector christian Boros is definitely doing a piece of art out of his collection that include works buy Olafur Eliasson, Elmgreen & Dragset, Sarah Lucas, Tobias Rehberger, Anselm Reyle, and Santiago Sierra by putting everything on view in an old bunker in berlin. prior to its use as a art gallery, it was among other, a night club as only berlin can have, a bunker or a squat… publishing house hatje cantz is releasing a book documenting this pieces of art in a piece of art. by pp’

Mark Borthwick for Pop

we love mark, not only for his beautiful art and photography, but also for his warm hospitality, his cooking, his candles and his singing. this particular story makes me want to run for the hills and leave the city chaos behind… by kv

cat power: don’t explain

sorry but this had to be here. we’ve already named her the best artist of the decade but this one is the most amazing rendition of this song. the piano melody is so simple, hypnotizing and beautiful. cat is truly a keeper for years to come. by dd

fender artist series: sonic youth fender jazzmaster quitars

these sonic youth fender jazzmasters are fully stripped down and hot rodded right through the roof. they are the signatures of sonic youth guitarist thurston moore and lee ranaldo who tuned and tweaked their guitars to sound as bad as they did. oddly enough sonic youth has always favored the fender jazzmasters over say telecasters or stratocasters, more commonly used by rock blocks. which makes sense given their distinct sound. now fender was never a favorite of mine, but if at all, these may well be the best ones to get. pitty the black head stock. would have been cooler if it was left in natural. avilable for approx $1,500. by dd

hipsters, youngsters and rip-offs

I was surprised that the infamous “september issue” documentary on anna wintour and co was directed by r.j cutler (?) as it seems to be exactly the same concept than the two great documentary that loic prigent did on chanel (lagerfeld) and marc jacobs. It feels to me a little bit as a rip-off. but not as well done as the originals. so for the ones that are interested in this kind of documentaries, i would really suggest the prigent’s ones. here and here. as far as the rip-off, what felt the most surprising to me after watching it is the fact that the vogue us, which is supposed to be a leading publication in the fashion industry (promoting youthful, beauty and taste) is directed by a bunch of old crunchy british ladies that all seem frustrated like hell. and a bunch of “none the less old & ridiculous” guys with the courage of kittens… nice perspectives here. by pp’

nike packaging: great as usual!

nike hits the bulls-eye once again with their packaging produced for the beijing exhibition. the packaging system was designed using a mesh wrap of recycled cardboard to house shirts, windbreakers or a pair of shoes. being sustainable doesn’t mean being ugly. well done! by pp’