hipsters, youngsters and rip-offs

I was surprised that the infamous “september issue” documentary on anna wintour and co was directed by r.j cutler (?) as it seems to be exactly the same concept than the two great documentary that loic prigent did on chanel (lagerfeld) and marc jacobs. It feels to me a little bit as a rip-off. but not as well done as the originals. so for the ones that are interested in this kind of documentaries, i would really suggest the prigent’s ones. here and here. as far as the rip-off, what felt the most surprising to me after watching it is the fact that the vogue us, which is supposed to be a leading publication in the fashion industry (promoting youthful, beauty and taste) is directed by a bunch of old crunchy british ladies that all seem frustrated like hell. and a bunch of “none the less old & ridiculous” guys with the courage of kittens… nice perspectives here. by pp’