godzooks: Le Relais De Venise L’Entrecote opens in new york city

now there is no other reason to visit paris, or geneva for that matter. well at least just one less reason. its not ‘cafe de paris’ but a damn good one indeed. we just found out (aparently a month later) that le relais de venise l’entrecote has opened its doors to new york city (590 Lexington Ave, +1 212 758-3989). the entrecotes special sauce, that is a closely guarded secret, is reportedly heavy on the butter, and incorporates blanched chicken livers, mustard, and thyme and its to die for.

while in paris long lines are guaranteed (along with classic bad service), i am not sure you will see the same thing happening in the newly opened new york branch. certainly if the restaurant was situated in soho or the lame and crowded meatpacking district it might garner that type of reaction, but in midtown? located on a rather non-descript block amongst hotels and office buildings? and what a superbly perfect location that is indeed. lets hope it doesn’t get too much attention. now we can go and avoid the whole crowd. just know there is no choice. you just order how you want your meat done: “blue, rare, medium or well”. vegetarians are forever forbidden. don’t forget the profiteroles for desert. yuuuuuum! by dd