mark borthwick – if – half gallery

These are my`n fruit`s her kind`ly kin
that lift`s these heart`s to begin
as if an embrace picture`s a thousand word`s
anna rose` ~ anna rose`
for if only in this place of mind is in`effable for a time
we` we`lll leave behind
so upon this wake of wonder
“un`vail`s ~ prevail`s”
upon these stake`s of yonder
we shall wander
an walk an explore` all we`ve never seen before`
as if one`s fair well ploy
an ode` to joy
As good`ness sweel`z
dipp`in hand`s in well`z
be`quith`s an abundance` sweel`z
For if there`s no severence
ben`e` fest this reverence`
venerate`s to revere`
“What if were pioneer`s”
So of night`s of no`end
off folly of ac`cumen
an all an alll the mad`men
appeal appeal up hill
lament ament
an over dose` in love`s the most
as … “lewd”… an`nimate`s benevolence
as if there`s no severence
so picture` this in communal bliss
a catalyst
For eye as eye will not discourage the courage, to encourage`
“To return … to return to the land”
for are we … “Are we the last”
to love
upon a whim
for these are my`ne fruit`s her kind`ly kin
that lift`s these heart`s to begin
what`if were pioneer`s
we`ll sear these golden year`s
an reveal`s an appeal to feel an heal
so in your garden rose we`ll revere`
No fear were pioneer`s
For if only in this peace of mind
will shift an shift be`quith
this change` of time
So picture this an embrace ~ picture`s a thousand word`
anna rose` ~ anna rose`
If handed down 

photographer mark borthwick’s show opened yesterday at the half gallery in the lower east side. it features only pictures of nature and it’s up ’til october 19th. by pp’