more black and blue than purple: Olivier Zahm

such a ladies man you are… grrrr!
and your poor girlfriend…
and by the way who posts a picture of themselves like this on their blog?

there is something about french cheese i learned when i lived in paris… just cause it stinks it doesn’t mean it’s good. as much as olivier aspires to be like serge, zahm is more in line with the late belmondo and aged delon than anywhere near gainsbourg. but one can always keep trying. as terry advised me once, “rock out with your cock out”. now just for the record, we have nothing against purple the magazine, we do like it, we have the very first issues when it was in a smaller format and not plastered with nudies.  in terms of publication we even like the more recent ones, but some things have to be said about a man in a position of power who uses it shamelessly… which by the way brings to mind, that short italian prime minister, is that berlusconi? by dd