POP magazine under dasha zhukova

the cover of the latest POP, launching tomorrow, with 13 year old blogger tavi on the cover
mind you tavi was featured in LOVE magazine already… oooh someone must be pissed

tomorrow is finally the launch-day of the long anticipated first issue of POP under new editor-in-chief dasha zhukova (ex c-model and ex-other half of gazillionaire roman abramovich). filling in katie grands shoes will not be an easy job.dasha zhukova is young and beautiful and has already started a fashion line, opened an art gallery, been appointed editor of pop, and gotten hooked up with a russian oligarch. no wonder people hate her.

a glowing new profile in interview magazine reminds us that there is going to be a lot of loving-her-or-hating-her going around when the first issue of pop with her as editor hits the stands. is she a fierce art and fashion visionary who is a role model for little russian girls? or, is she a horrible money-grubbing slattern who is using her rich boyfriend to finance her hobbies and ride on the coat tails of katie grand?

pop mag itself was originally co-founded in 2000 by ashley heath and editor godess katie grand. pop went trough a lot of drama when in 2008, katie decided to leave, bring with her the creative team to start LOVE magazine instead. well, tomorrow both magazines will be out so let the shelf-battle begin! by kv