chez cartier

a beautiful sneak at cartier paris headquarters’s secret room where designers are coming up with new things. thanks to the great mister terestchenko.

“In a little room next to the workshop itself, there is a library full of books and magazines on botanic and wild life to support the inspiration of the designers.

Some of them are very common publications but handy enough to study the general anatomy of a panther, a giraffe, a turtle etc…

There are also some rare books. First, the project is sculpted in a piece of wax in different variations, sometimes painted to imitate the gems.

After a long process and final approval, the model in wax, turned into precious stones, is simply tucked away in a chocolate box, a Godiva chocolat box to be precise.

by pp’ + иван терещенко

my twisted meditation for the day : by hunter s. thompson

Hunter S. Thompson fax excerpts:

“Dear Holly,

Okay, you lazy bitch, I’m getting tired of this waterhead fuckaround that you’re doing with The Rum Diary.

We are not even spinning our wheels aggresivly. It’s like the whole Project got turned over to Zombies who live in cardboard boxes under the Hollywood Freeway… I seem to be the only person who’s doing anything about getting this movie Made. I have rounded up Depp, Benicio Del Toro, Brad Pitt, Nick Nolte & a fine screenwriter from England, named Michael Thomas, who is a very smart boy & has so far been a pleasure to talk to & conspire with…

So there’s yr. fucking Script & all you have to do now is act like a Professional & Pay him. What the hell do you think Making a Movie is all about? Nobody needs to hear any more of that Gibberish about yr. New Mercedes & yr. Ski Trips & how Hopelessly Broke the Shooting Gallery is…. If you’re that fucking Poor you should get out of the Movie Business. It is no place for Amateurs & Dilletants who don’t want to do anything but “take lunch” & Waste serious people’s Time.”

reading this makes me want to be more like hunter… raw, true, unforgiving. only hunter can pull this off. can you imagine someone receiving a letter like this, today? you can read the full transcript here. by kl

punk attitude: must see film

find out why i always hated nirvana, why new york gets all the credit, and why music today is more like processed cheese than audible food. a must see film for any music lover. super cool, double freak ass bad. see all ten parts or better yet, rent the dvd. everyone from MC5, suicide, ny dolls, clash, television, patti smith, ramones, iggy, black flag, pistols, joy division, sonic youth, and so so on. not to be missed is henry rollins, he is hilarious in part nine or ten where he talks about the beastie boys and the rest. by dd

SUICIDE: better late than never

i’ve been listening to nothing but ‘alan vega’ and ‘suicide’ for the past few days (with gratitude to hd) and i can’t help but be so so impressed by their work, 30+ years later. i hear so many future bands in their body of work, it’s quite amazing how influential they were.  searching, i found this clip, certainly worth sharing. i think maybe great music can only exist when you have no audience in mind… and even then it can still fail. i suppose that goes for everything that ends up being truly special. by dd

fondly remembering

does anyone recognize this place? if so, i’m sure we’ve crossed paths in one way or another. i wonder if this rugged hidden beauty is the same or has the glacier melted and the ocean turned purple? by kl


for what they are singing about they are standing awfully far apart, no? i am posting this song because i cant find a decent version of the 1996 country classic ‘strawberry wine’ by deana carter which brought back memories of a past life this eve. by kl

faithfully yours: waris Ahluwalia – house of waris

((( click on image to enlarge/read )))

well i must say this letter of sorts romanced the hell out of me. and that is the key to any object… romance. looking forward to seeing the collection tonight at phillips de pury… once again rather genius to have it unveiled at phillips auction house vs. the usual venues. well done. by dd

En hand i himlen : Jonathan Johansson

great track by swede-pop artist jonathan johansson.  directed by simeon frohm, and shot on location in stockholm, lisbon, paris, barcelona, rome and pamplona. roughly translates into “one hand in heaven/the sky”.  now it would have been cool if they played this last night when we were intoxicated off our feet. by dd


richard avedon captures my excitement for the weekend. two timeless and beautiful jumps. by kl