the ricoh r-10: digital camera

below: the GX200 model with the über cool add on LC-1 auto lens cap, a must!

at first glance, the ricoh r-10/gx200 digital camera appears to be rather serious. its wide angle 28mm lens and minimal styling points to great possibilities. i tried the gx200 over a dinner and was rather amazed at the quality in low light and its tactile feel. i was about ready to purchase one, however i have read terrible reviews about the mechanism and the noise at high ISO levels in the r10. the issue are to be confirmed and if they apply to the gx in actual review of the camera and will re-appear in fuller description at a later date. hold off for now, and if you already have one love to hear. by xy

holiday hibernation

hope you are enjoying a time to sleep and feast, and reconnect for the new year. just trying not to gain too much ‘holiday spirit’ even though swedish meatballs and shortbread cookies are irresistible. by kl

quote of the day : banksy

“any advertisement in a public space that gives you no choice whether you see it or not is yours.
it belongs to you. it’s yours to take, re-arrange, and re-use.
asking for permission is like asking to keep a rock someone just threw at your head.

– banksy

one laptop per child: version 3

we had promised our selves not to post any more sexy pix after being flagged by google but what the hell. our pals at fuse project are at it again. the OLPC version 3 has launched, and the new design features an all plastic durable tablet screen and like the original version it can be viewed in blasting Sahara sunlight and boosts new features like full-touch keyboard and back facing camera. now can someone please fix the damn operating system on this baby? by dd

sankt luciadag – happy belated Santa Lucia

happy belated santa lucia to all you scandi’s out there! i can’t believe december 13th flew right by. i’m balancing candles on my head, and putting on my white gown and red sash as we speak!

above is swedish painter carl larsson‘s depiction of the tradition where candles symbolize the fire that refused to take st. lucia’s life when she was sentenced to be burned. traditionally the oldest daughter leads a procession of the girls of the family, serving saffron buns and tea, and singing a lucia song while entering the room. the song is actually to the melody of the traditional neapolitan song santa lucia; the italian lyrics describe the view from santa lucia in naples ( i still don’t know how this song was adopted by the northern countries for their celebration), the various scandinavian lyrics are fashioned for the occasion, describing the light with which lucia overcomes the darkness.

natten går tunga fjät (the night walks with heavy steps)
or santa lucia, ljusklara hägring (saint lucy, bright mirage).

st. lucia is one of few saints celebrated by the overwhelmingly lutheran scandinavian peoples (swedes, norwegians, danes, finns). st. lucia’s day celebrations retain many indigenous germanic pagan, pre-christian midwinter elements, and the practices associated with the day, predates the adoption of christianity in scandinavia, and is like much of scandinavian folklore, and even religiosity today, based on the annual struggle between light and darkness. by kl

tom ford – a single man

went to tom ford’s single man this week, the good thing is that i didn’t know anything about it, haven’t see the trailer or knew anything about the cast so…

you can be skeptical about some fashion designer turning into director but here we’re talking about tom ford turning director, meaning everything is as “over the top” as the clothes he makes and the universe he has built around himself…

so, it’s very gay (no prob with that) it’s very beautiful (no prob with that) and there is all the tom ford cast from models, to glasses, to suit and even a perfume (no prob with that) but no terry thank god 😉 whatever, it’s a wonderful movie and surely one of the most visually striking for a long time… by pp’