Krink inc. : Everything is just so krink-ed up! a glimpse at the empire of kr (and his) ink

krink is bornalife nyc becomes the hub

krink is re-born on the expected t-shirt
black krink ink 8-litre applicator ink-extinguisher

krink iphone jacket

krink screen saverkrink ink gets used

…and abused – krink ink-case computer-case from incase… jeeeez

R.I.P : the original krink-ink marker

why not… mini wants to be cool too

don’t matter if you cant drive

the original krink-to-fit available only in levi’s blue
silver krink ink 8-litre applicator ink-extinguisher

kidrobot krink mailbox – now that’s pretty cool (although rather useless)
get me one!

krink to drink

and finally… the krink airforce one edition in drip silver

oh and of course the commercial had to come too.

craig costellos work compiled and krink-ed up in about 3 minutes and 40 seconds by dd