the british PROac responce speakers: best sounding two way speakers for aspiring audiophiles

Proac D28 (approx $6,000) above, and the proac D1’s (approx $1,300) far below

proac response D28, electrical impedance (solid) and phase (dashed) – (2 ohms/vertical div.)

not much for looks, but these will be my next set of speaker purchases. the proac D28’s sport a pair of 6.5″ coated polypropylene cone drivers on die cast chassis and a pair of 1″ silk tweeter dome. i wont go into the black hole of audio adjectives (you can read them here) but the speakers are known for their uncolored (un-abusive base and highs) as well as proac designer, stewart tyler’s simple cross over design. they are honest sounding speakers that will not abuse or distort the recording and are a joy for long listening periods. if your music is predominantly electronic these are perhaps not for you, but then again no speaker can be accurately judged with such genre of music. at about $6,000 a pair (used ones can be fetched at audiogon for approx 3-4k) you can not expect anything more than a two way speaker, and the proacs are as good as they get in that category. the smaller mass bookshelves are bound to lack some of the base of the D28s but again you can’t cheat the laws of physics. the floor standing D28s have been on my list of replacement with my morels for some time now and i fully recommend them. if you’re in the market these are worth a listen. technical specs: 8 ohms nominal impedance, recommended amp of 10-200 watts, frequency 20hz o 30khz, sensitivity at 88db. weight 120lbs a pair. by dd