The Wooly: New yorks latest down-and-out hot spot

the somewhat hit-and-miss decor of the wooly. nice vintage wallpaper mixed with a feeling of drywalls and quick cheap construction. its unfinished as eric himself admits…


the wretched financial district has finally gotten its break… right in front of city hall park! after smith & mills (technically tribeca) and the Warren 77 bar comes the wooly to save the poor soles that live there. the space itself, located in the wollworth building, is very haphazardly done by the very man that has just recently done the windows at colette for the house of waris. the space aside, as with all places, it’s the people that make the joint… not the place itself. some trigger happy editors have already compared it to the jane hotel bar, but i must say the place itself is no where near as cozy and atmospheric as the jane.

what is nice is that there is a small stage for performances. it’s quite intimate and the crowd is cool and easy. we once saw mark borthwick perform his agit-atmospheric music there. last night the wooly was the hosting grounds to the lovely fashion designer (and better half of photographer barnaby roper) camilla staerk’s christmas party. the ruffian christmas party was also there, and others who have strolled through the joint include: charlotte ronson, sean lennon, PP lepou, derek blasberg, milla jovovich, kimberley norcott, rebecca guiness, waris ahluwalia, and dd from tomorrow started. by dd