wagyu in new york

this post is for mr.uh. if you do care for meat, like mr.uh does, check out japan premium beef on great jones street in new york. the butchers are smartly dressed, the shop is very minimal, with stark white walls and a glowing glass case full of ruby-red beef, neatly and tidily presented. stylish beef for all your marbled meat needs. by kv

garance doré has had it with street photography

the french blog sensation garance doré has officially had enough of shooting random people on the street. maybe it’s a sign that the street-fashion blog phenomenon is winding down? now that brands such as burberry and DKNY have used scott schuman aka the sartorialist to shoot their campaigns, maybe the original charm is gone? the surprises have become predictable, the looks and fashion more and more the same and the endorsements too big.

as told to rebecca voigt in interview magazine’s latest issue:
“i still find people on the street, but i’ve kind of had it with street photography. at first, it was great to see fashion on someone going to work, but now there are so many pictures like that that the magic has been lost a bit. i want to take pictures that tell more of a story. there are still some very talented people who succeed in giving the sensation that each street photo is a story. but i photograph less on the street now.” -garance doré

by kv

now prada, then ysl, who’s next?

so after ryan mcginley’s film for pringle of scotland (see below, which is my fav. by far), here is the prada movie. it’s much more of a moving fashion shoot with idiotic looking male models, but it’s nice still. then there is the YSL movie by bruce weber, very bruce weber-ish, what else can i say? so who’s next? what’s the thing with fashion houses making movies this season? by pp’

Ryan McGinley & Tilda Swinton, who directs whom?

ryan mcginley films for pringle of scotland. is his style changing as production budgets change, or just time and evolution? either way i think it looks gorgeous; but i must admit, i am easily seduced by the colors. other credits include creative director neville wakefield, sound design by eric nagy, music by dogee mountain (interlude). the texture of the music is imperative to the full experience of these landscapes, even the clothes for that matter. but the recitations…meh. by kl

acne furniture

acne launched their first incursion into furniture this week by upholstering carl malmsten’s new berlin sofa in denim and distorting it. thoughts? i kind of love the pastels. by kv

the party: adidas originals


much respect to the makers, it is not too often i would wanna look at a spot again and again, too bad the actual parties aren’t that cool .frankie valli & the four seasons’ beggin’ mixed up with prodigy’s fire starter back beat including the SFX/compression effects at the end… hell it works… it did for superga ; ) by dd

for old times sake

when we were kids we would get dressed up as kiss, and managed to organize 2 concerts for our bored neighbors and poor families. all outfits where home-made from pajamas, my sister’s tights, the guitars where cardboards glued over tennis rackets and so on. make up was a bit more advanced, with blood capsuls that never worked and silver shadows, of course back then we had no idea what a jerk gene simmons was or how ugly paul stanley really looked. but that was then before family jewels and reality TV stole our dreams. found objects courtesy of pp. by rh

hapinesss is a warm… pipe

above: our old neighborhood bicycle repair man with his pipecigarettes are just a bad habit, built for fast pleasure, pipes are a slow ritual
for those who can afford time… and hell they are just as bad

cleaning up is just part of the pleasureand you though pipe smokers were harmless!

in an effort to quit smoking… cigarettes… i have polished up my old beloved pipes (boy am i going down the wrong path).  half of my collection is new, and the other half has been passed down from my dad. hopefully i am old enough now to pull it off… it somehow didn’t look right back in the 80’s. by uh