can you pronounce the above number? i always wondered what a trillion looked like? now we know, its a 1 plus 12 zeros. the above number is 1.3 trillion and reflects the current US national debt (currently at 1.239 and rising). the deficit is the fiscal year difference between what the United States Government takes in from taxes and other revenues, called receipts, and the amount of money the Government spends. we got one lousy bookkeeper if you ask me. to understand that, here’s a breakdown: estimated population of the United States is 307,620,632 so if each person was to pitch in to payoff this debt today that would be approximately $39,940.93 per person including children (born) and elderly (alive). everyone.

one family name looks suspiciously linked to the red lines on this chart

now in case you are interested i was shocked to find out they actually have a place for you to send your check : “how to make contribution to reduce the debt: make your check payable to the bureau of the public debt, and in the memo section, notate that it is a gift to reduce the debt held by the public. mail your check to: Attn Dept G, Bureau of the Public Debt, P. O. Box 2188, Parkersburg, WV 26106-2188”… can you believe that? by jb