Copenhagen: Global Population Control Program Suggested To Stop Climate Change

are you vegan? carbon neutral? want to save the panda? maybe the blue whale? how about the elimia lacy snail? that’s all good fun but the real problem is man himself and his ever expanding population. it’s not pc to talk about it, and don’t even dare ask your preacher. but with a little bit of 4th grade math, and some common sense we can surely see the future:

poverty: when you’re looking to feed your family how can you be bothered about eco system going kaput. only the privileged rich can even consider discussing conservation of any kind.
food: that steak you grilled is by far the biggest contributor to the hole in the ozone. and that toro tuna you loved, well its now more toxic than propane, that’s if you can find any in the future. fished out and dished out to death.
greed: corporations continue to dump toxins whenever possible rather than spend the money to properly discard it. they dump for the same reason poachers, poach. money to feed their little families.
land: more land is being taken by man, for farming and grazing, forcing other species (and sometimes other men) out of the way and towards extinction.
trash: recycling is great but not when there is close to 7 billion people, 6.9 billion of which could care less.

so maybe we can all face the reality and learn something from the “evil” communist china, and pass the 1 child per family world-wide, and in the mean time, fix what is wrong with it. in china you can have a second child but you pay a penalty, seems like the rich win everywhere! as far as two shooter with natural twins… well what can you do. you hit the jackpot, and get to keep both in china! of course this may never happen in the “free” world but alternatively how about giving incentives? in the 70’s india started handing out transistor radios for men who would get fixed! dicks where cheap then, and that may not work in america, but how about tax breaks? tax penalty? that will surely work… maybe we don’t have to kill ourselves to save the planet after all. by xy