hedi slimane american youth mk2 box set

i guess everybody knows about this box set already as it’s not first hand info, but this hedi slimane box set released with french “art & essai” movie theater mk2 is very promising. nothing first hand there either, but a collection of great movies that definitely explains a lot about mister slimane’s obsession for youth and a certain vision of america (as the title can let you guess).
so there are eleven movies:
Rebel Without a Cause by Nicholas Ray; Who’s That Knocking at My Door by Martin Scorsese; Woodstock by Michael Wadleigh; Zabriskie Point by Michelangelo Antonioni; Permanent Vacation by Jim Jarmusch; Rumble Fish by Francis Ford Coppola; Last Days / Mala Noche by Gus Van Sant; Boys Don’t Cry by Kimberley Peirce; Mysterious Skin by Gregg Araki; Wassup Rockers by Larry Clark. by pp’