John lennon by sam taylor wood: nowhere boy

wow!  now that’s a film that will not be missed by me. (when it comes here that is – released on 26th dec in britain) after all john lennon and george harrison were the only two that ever mattered in the beatles. anyhow, a film on lennon by artist sam taylor wood sounds very promising even though i have yet to see a great film done on a great person. as godard once said, you can not make a great film from a great novel but you can make a great film from a crappy one… something to that extent. i still have not seen the film on serge, but it’s on the list.  the film “nowhere boy” feels much more raw and less produced and that’s a plus… bummer is i’m gonna have a hell of time believing that the vacant pretty boy is actually john! still can’t wait to see it. by dd