sea shepherd conservation society: adi gil kicks ice

adi was just recently rammed into by a whaling ship in the antarctic waters
and is missing 2/3 of its nose : (

the latest addition to the fleet of captain paul watson of the sea shepherds (the saviors of our oceans against illegal poachers and the like) is the 14-ton ‘adi gil’, formerly ‘earthrace’, a bio-diesel future forward kevlar reinforced boat with speeds of up to 40 knots. if that’s not cool enough it can also submerge underwater up to 23 feet!! the boat was designed for a successful round-the-world speed powerboat record attempt in 2008. it was acquired by sea shepherd last year and renamed after the hollywood businessman benefactor… who says saving the planet can’t has to be granola?

some specs:

1. the hull is described as a wave-piercing trimaran. it is made out of carbon fiber with a foam core, with kevlar armor added to defend against ice. it is capable of submarining up to 7m (23ft) underwater.
2. much of the helm was originally modeled on a racing car. it was fitted with racing-style seats and a carbon steering wheel. its windscreen is 17mm laminated toughened glass.
3. power comes from two 540 hp engines, and the boat can reach speeds of more than 40 knots (75km/h). it runs on bio-diesel fuel and has a range of between 2,000 (2,700km) and 13,000 nautical miles depending on speed.
4. the 14-ton vessel’s distinctive horns act as ducts to channel hot air from the engines and suck in cool air. the interior has space for six beds.

to join the sea shepherd, become a member, save the seas or just contribute as we have been doing for the past 2 years go to sea shepherd dot org and kick some ice. by dd