tankette table by paolo pallucco and mireille rivier

the little tank (tankette) table, by paolo pallucco and mireille rivier. i saw this coffee table at a friends house and loved the idea and finish so much that i considered getting one. it can be rolled around the house (if the floor finish can accommodates) but it’s not the most practical of coffee tables as far as what you place on top of it but its a piece to be dealt with. ca. 1987-1988 painted metal. manufactured by pallucco, treviso italy. 13 3/8 x 48 3/8 x 31 1/2 in. (34 x 122.9 x 80 cm) estimated price $6000-$8,000 as seen at philips de pury & company. by yb

shane macgowan: ‘i put a spell on you’ for haiti

even though the front page news has shifted, haiti still remains a mess. macgowan and johnny depp took their sweet time assembling and releasing this alternative-star jam that includes: the great shane macgowan, johnny depp, nick cave, the clash’s mick jones, chrissie hynde, glen matlock, paloma faith, and others. to quote amrit at stereogum,

“their cover of screamin’ jay hawkins’ i put a spell on you benefits the dublin based concern worldwide, who have been in haiti for 16 years. depp is mostly charged with looking cool and fingering a guitar solo (that isn’t at all the guitar solo on the recording, but who cares he’s so pretty), the rest lay down vocals on a song that doesn’t so obviously address the state and need of the haitian people through self-aggrandized posturing (“everybody hurts”; “we are the world”, and so on) and is all the more effective for it. seems to be more like, let’s get together, realize our place in this thing, smoke a cigarette, remind ourselves that we can still do a little something to help without being patronizing assholes about it.”

well put. we couldn’t have said it better. track available march 7th. by cdc


in case you haven’t seen enough fancy, luxurious bikes lately; here’s one in gold and crystals. aurumania’s gold bike is made to order and discretely shipped to your location (wherever you may be in the world) for a mere 80,000 euros. Who said the luxury market was tumbling? by kv

zebras & spades

kate and andy spade’s apartment

margot tanenbaum’s bathroom in the movie the royal tanenbaums

gino’s, the italian restaurant at 780 lexington avenue in new york

in the last issue of the new york mag featuring kate and andy spade’s apartment, there is this shot of the bathroom with the famous zebra wallpaper! i first noticed it in one of my favorite movie, “the royal tanenbaums” and was very surprised when walking uptown i saw the same wallpaper in a very charming restaurant, i was wondering is it the chicken or the eggs, which come first? well today heather clawson from habitually chic gave us the answer plus a nice story about it:

“gino circiello, who although born in buenes aires had an italian father who worked as a chef so after he immigrated to the united states, gino decided to open an Italian restaurant at 780 lexington avenue in new york with two of his friends.” according to the new york times, mr. circiello was a hunter without the means to pay for an african safari, but he reasoned that he could at least afford zebras on his wallpaper. “he commissioned his friend franco scalamandre to design wallpaper depicting leaping zebras pursued by arrows. the wallpaper is now synonymous with gino’s and made the place a ny institution.

i have also read that wes anderson was a huge fan of the zebra wallpaper which is why he used it for margot tanenbaum’s bedroom and bathroom in the movie the royal tanenbaums. the zebra wallpaper is available from scalamandre. love it! by pp’


nike tennis classic AC limited edition in brown for select
nike tennis classic AC limited edition in white for select

with puma over designing the hell out of their products to the point clown wear special, i’m turning back to converse adidas and nike when it comes to big sneak brands. here’s the latest AC limited edition for select in white and brown. quite nice and on my list. by dd

mark ronson featuring amy winehouse

and for the record here he is… judge for yourself, but i think this video would have been more apt if paul weller was actually playing the gretsch, and mark ronson was one of the people in the audience coming up on stage. by dd

yeh it’s just that kind of a day

this is sort of like… one of those uber fancy parties you end up in… and everyone you talk to is bitching about something or another (yes myself included). i saw it and i just had to smile. available for just $64, yet another reason to be unhappy.

turns out of course it has nothing to do with that, it was a phrase, or so i learned, that was refering to technology and how its made us all more miserable… hell, i agree lets bitch about that at least anyway. by uh