a toyota worthy of the emperor of japan

the toyota century royal limousine is the official car of the emperor, while the prime minister zips around tokyo in a corolla

first off lets clarify what an emperor is. it’s not a king, so what is it? an emperor (male) is the ruler of an empire, where a king simply rules a kingdom. the kingdom could be a part of an empire. for example that settles the question about the various kings today who function under one empire, which is the US. the emperor traditionally may be seen as god on earth by his empire, when that fails there’s always religion to massage the masses. an emperor has maximum powers at his command and rules do not apply to him. this makes being a king of kings seem rather pedestrian, doesn’t it? today the emperor of japan is the only remaining emperor (on paper) in the world. but other empires have emerged under suspiciously “cuddly” names… and they don’t drive toyota’s either. by xy