fashion icons: love magazine asks 8 of “the most beautiful women in the world” for their opinions on their bodies

daria werbowy 26 krakow poland
do you like your body? no. your body is a…? tool a 12 piece black & decker
kate moss, 35 london england
do you do anything special to prepare for a nude shoot? no.
jeneil williams, 21 kingston jamaica
whats the worse thing about your body? my toes.
lara stone, 25 mierlo the netherlands
do you like your body? sometimes.
naomi campbell, 39 london england
your body is a…? temple… and my job.amber valetta, 36 phoenix arizona
do you like your body? usually. but sometimes i wish i had a more voluptuous and toned body.kristen mcmenamy, 46 easton pennsylvania
whats the worse thing about your body? my legs, i hate my muscular legs.
natalia vodianova, 27 nizhy novgorod, russia
how do you look after your body? like a favorite pet. 

issue three of katie grands love magazine with 8 individual covers photographed by mert and marcus piggott. lovely to observe as an outsider, but pretty sad remarks i must admit… rather revealing of the state of things. by dd