Free dive: swimming like a real mammal


the cove a film by jim clark

captive dolphins on z or x perma-grin at play

i finally saw the cove last night, a great sad film. it just goes to show how horrible we are in general. but to be fair to the “evil” fishermen of taijii, i failed to see why the massacre of dolphins is any worse a crime then say tuna? or whales? or wild sturgeon? or sharks? wild horses? wolves? even people or is that called collateral damage? i guess humans are so terrible, one can’t figure where to begin, and dolphins are just as good as any. how sad that even at the end, the few species we (kinda) care about are those that “we” find “cute or amusing”, like little dogs, smiling dolphins, and fuzzy pandas. we are so pathetically self centered “we” make me look like a saint.

anyhow, on a more positive note, aside from making an immediate donation to paul watson – the sea shepherds, whom i had supported in the past and i am a member of, i fell in love with the idea of “free diving”. i’ve been on the case all day. i should say that i have scuba-dived in rangiroa, snorkeled in bora bora, and (not to mention) walked the brooklyn bridge. but this is another world. no tank, no oxygen just the ability to hold your breath and manage your output. just like the other mammals in the sea. it must be like gliding vs. flying. can’t wait to try it… not to mention i want one of those mono fins today! i guess that’s not going pure, but hell, they look amazing… here is another free dive clip worth seeing. by dd