martin margiela (untitled)

sometimes not a fan of everything mister fabien baron is coming up with, i was highly disappointed when discovered the bottle for the first martin margiela’s fragrance “untitled”. margiela is definitely the brand i used to consider as the most interesting identity wise so when i saw this ugly green bottle with the stupid white plastic thing around i was chocked… that was until i saw the trailer above that i understood the white thing is paint and it make more sense (still not sure about the color of the juice, the baron choice, dieseland so on but that’s another story)…
by pp’

the birth of the cool

for those who are not bored of style blogs or anything that talk about it yet, the man behind the impossible cool launches a conversation on cool which could be seen as a wider version of the previous one. the aesthetic of those two blogs are cool (of course) and today’s post is on mister saint laurent and is illustrated by the great ivan terestchenko abstract portrait of the master. looks good by pp’

self service : stephanie savage

this must be the best cover quote of the century: “no one wants to die and discover that all you have to pass on to the next generation is your facebook pages.” – stephanie savage, page 249 by dd

richard chai for pro keds

we shared an office with richard a few years back and always loved his cool demeanor. happy to see him do so well. here’s a few items from his recently launched menswear. a variety of color ways will be available against a low and high top models with zipper and laceless looks that borrow fabrics from chai’s own collection. by dd

iggy pop – preliminaires

iggy pop record “preliminaires” was released last year, i totally missed it then but finally dabbled this weekend. it’s a really nice one and rather interesting since it’s based on texts from french infamous writer michel houellebecq. plus there are some songs in french including a cover from jacques prevert’s “les feuilles mortes”. nonetheless, how interesting is the cover designed by persian/french illustrator marjane satrapi, author of the incredible “persepolis”? all good! cool trailer here. by pp’

hiroshi sugimoto – visions in my mind

hallelujah! this one is really something i have been wishing about secretly, a movie about the great hiroshi sugimoto. well, maria anna tappeiner finally made it. sugimoto is the kind of artist you can’t get enough of, if you know what i mean? i always feel frustrated about not finding more stuff from him. i guess that’s what makes him so great. hiroshi sugimoto / visions in my mind. trailer. by pp’


i’m sure kl and kv won’t be 100% happy with this post (as well as blogger that won’t take off the warning for nudity) but i really like this magazine and the video that comes with it. it reminds me of the golden age of playboy (that i never knew). on top of that, it has the same name as my dad, can’t go wrong 😉 by pp’

i don’t know why

i don’t know why, but every spring i have a joni mitchell moment. i think it’s because it’s a time to remember that the bleak winter eventually ends, and the world won’t always be exhausting and brutal—it can be soft and sweet, and fun and romantic. by kl